new patients welcome Baytown, TX

What We Need

What to Include?

We will need the last three office notes from a previous or current provider and any current imaging for the patient. We will also need a demographic sheet with contact information and insurance information.


What sets Doctor Carter apart from other practices is the team’s passion for seeking out the most advanced treatments in pain management. To avoid the time and pain of surgery, Dr. Carter offers patients medically groundbreaking alternative therapies, including stem cell treatments, joint injections, occipital nerve blocks, arthritis spine injections, epidural steroid injections, spinal cord stimulator, and intrathecal pain pump trials. Depending on a patient’s unique case, Dr. Carter may recommend one or more of these innovative therapies, which can also be combined with traditional treatments like physical therapy, surgery, medications, and lifestyle changes. Above all else, Doctor Carter lets patients know they’re heard, cared for, and informed about their pain and treatment options.