about our general medicine practice Baytown, TX
What if pain could be eliminated without surgery or risky medications? Jerome Carter, MD, and their dedicated team at Advanced Pain Management Specialists strive to create individualized pain management plans to help their patients lessen pain without invasive surgical interventions. The team is proud to serve Baytown, Texas, and the surrounding communities.

Pain is the most common reason people visit their doctor, and without proper treatment, that pain can quickly escalate and begin affecting their day-to-day activities, such as work, school, exercise, and social events.

From back pain, a herniated disc, and leg pain to muscle weakness, knee pain, and neck pain, chronic pain stops patients from living their best lives. That’s why it’s imperative to seek medical attention at the first sign of pain or discomfort, especially following an injury.

What sets Advanced Pain Management Specialists apart from other practices is the team’s passion for seeking out the most advanced treatments in pain management. To avoid the time and pain of surgery, Dr. Carter offers patients medically groundbreaking alternative therapies, including spinal cord stimulation trials, joint injections, occipital nerve blocks, the percutaneous lumbar laminotomy (mild®) procedure, epidural steroid injections, and hypogastric plexus blockade.

Depending on a patient’s unique case, Dr. Carter may recommend one or more of these innovative therapies, which can also be combined with traditional treatments like physical therapy, surgery, medications, and lifestyle changes.

Above all else, Advanced Pain Management Specialists let patients know they’re heard, cared for, and informed about their pain and treatment options. Call or book an appointment online today to learn more.